The Project

Gardening Techniques in Europe (GATE)

It is an interdisciplinary project with the main focus on gardening training, and specifically onteaching senior citizens on gardening techniques. This training and lessons in gardening field provides seniors learners with various means, styles, techniques, traditional and modern trends of gardening for different occasions (flowers, vegetables, herbs etc.) A network between the two partners will be established in order to create new learning opportunities in this field. Trainees will act later as trainers for other trainees. The target group: mainly seniors over 50, socially excluded and/or other residents of socially disadvantaged regions, unemployed, disabled, seniors. A research of the best methods, styles, techniques will be conducted and produced in Power Point Presentations, E- Album with gardens, video films, leaflets and other products.

This project has mobility’s will act as practice after trainings. Dissemination activities will be crucial, as all organizations help to attract new trainees in order to create new groups.

The project is establishing partnership between European organizations that can impact on local authorities to improve or change their policy in seniors sector by shoving examples of good practice on international level.

Project objectives:

  • to improve the quality and accessibility of mobility throughout Europe of individuals involved in adult education and to increase its volume.
  • to improve the quality and to increase the volume of cooperation between organisations involved in adult education throughout Europe.
  • to assist people from vulnerable social groups and in marginal social contexts, in particular older people and those who have left education without basic qualifications, in order to give them alternative opportunities to access adult education.
  • to facilitate the development of innovative practices in adult education and their transfer, including from a participating country to others.
  • to support the development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practice for lifelong learning.
  • to improve pedagogical approaches and the management of adult education organisations.

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