Association for Education and Development of Disabled People (Greece) is an educational non-profit NGO located in the north-east part of Greece where unemployment is one of the highest in the country (up to 16 %). Moreover, many people are forced to apply for early retirement being at age 50+, 55+ due to external reasons (e.g. reduction of working places, closing small and big factories and simply to leave vacancies for the youngest who hasn’t got a job). This socio-economic disadvantage is one of the main reasons for the lower-than-average income house which is a barrier in developing interests and enjoying their lives. Studying the concept of Lifelong Learning and finding new interests is one of the aims that our association has. There is not enough number of vocational educational centers for adults and consequently the early retired people, stagnancy, regress and both intellectual and physical inactivity deters the development of disable and elderly people.


As an answer to this reality ASEDDEDIPE wants to create and support alternative opportunities for vocational education including people without qualification, disabled, seniors and people socially excluded.  ASEDDEDIPE aims to make them still active, to improve their competencies, knowledge and employment skills, create new opportunities for their lives. The association tries to make learners/ trainees confident in their knowledge and support their research for new interests. The proposed topic about gardening technique and Grundtvig Senior Volunteering Project subscribes into the strategy of ASEDDEDIPE development and is also the answer on local and regional needs in the sphere of seniors. Thanks to the partnership learners will improve their vocational, logistic, linguistic and technologic skills and will start a new interesting in the gardening sector. The role in the project is  to share the knowledge of know-how in gardening techniques, to enhance European dimension of informal vocational education, to make intercultural dialogue, to strength contribution of people who belong to vulnerable groups,  share the experience in partnership based on European Projects in Socrates/ LLP



AIFED is a regional organization working in the field of education, culture and employment in Granada, Spain.

We work for the promotion and management of the training, innovation and employment in different fields of education and culture.

We defend the rights of teachers. AIFED participates with other local, regional, national and international agencies in organizing cultural activities and training for innovation and access to employment.

Our association develops programs and work activities and employment support.

We Promote the development and promotion of Volunteers Programs.

Our Association supports learning the e-learning in the vocational education and training.

We want to bring closer citizens to the European institutions through our participation in European programs


We also work with other associations around us providing training and cooperating in some projects.


We have a great experience in immigration and about the intercultural phenomenon too. We have worked in the field of Education and Culture with individuals in risk of social exclusion:

– Physical disabled people

– Intellectual disabilities and mental illness’

– Immigrants

– Young boys and kids from destructurated families



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