Through dissemination activities partners will share experiences, results and products.  Seniors and staff members will be aware of what good work they have done, they will generate their interest in transnational cooperation, generate their interest in gardening and indirectly raise awareness of European cultural diversity and similarity in the context of the topic.

This project gives the opportunity to establish new links with partners in the local community and develop cooperation with them.  Contact representatives of environmental departments, local authorities, environmental clubs, plant growers, other associations, which might be interested in becoming part of the project or supporting will be involved in dissemination as well.

Project results will disseminate at local, regional, national and international level. Each partner will celebrate the success of the project in their own context through various means:

• Press releases, information to local representatives (both partners).

• Presentations about what has been gained by working with both partners presented in different seminars and conferences. 

• Study trips to botanical gardens, flowery plantations, local greenhouses (both partners).

• A celebration of final events (both partners).

• The products and results will be utilized and disseminated in training courses organized by both partners and by other institutions.

• The products, results and experience of the partnership will be disseminated to the public during the exhibitions, seminars, flowery shows (both partners).

• The materials from the partnership – E-Album, E-Dictionary, etc… will be spread during other projects under the LLP Programme (both partners).

The products and results will be placed in EST (European Shared Treasure).

• Meetings with seniors and volunteers will enrich the contribution of the dissemination.

Additional activities:

-We have done a presentation in Hanover during Leonardo Da Vinci YOTE conference at 26/6/2014  (see top image).

– George Konsoulas visited to inform the director at educational center of Kavala’s Municipality at 18/06/2014:



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