Museum of sciences of Granada

Visiting the museum of sciences

In the Park of Sciences

Our trip to Granada couldn’t be completed without an experience like the visit to the Park of Sciences, the interactive museum where everything is designed for participation and enjoyment at any age.

The “Parque de las ciencias” museum is an interactive museum; the first one of its kind in the south of Spain and a referent as scientific promoter throughout Europe.

Located a few short minutes from the historic city centre of Granada, the Sciences’ Park has turned over about 70.000 m2 into one of the main cultural and sightseeing highlights in Andalusia and into the most visited museum too.

Made up of a wide range of permanent and travelling exhibitions, it is a place where the visitor can learn taking part in an enormous variety of activities regardless of his age.

The museum is composed of several spaces:

The Macroscope

It is the new building added to the Science Park installations. The different exhibition spaces extend out from the large entrance hall.

– Pavilion of The Journey through the Human Body: A journey from the origin of life and all the way to the human anatomy.

– Pavilion of Al-Andalus and The Science: The scientific and technological legacy of al-Andalus within your reach.

– Pavilion of The Prevention Culture: To improve the perception of risks in the workplace and in daily life.

– Pavilion Techno-Forum: A space for new technologies, innovation and art.

– The Museum Attic’s Exploration Hall: It brings science closer to children through discovery and exploration.

– Pavilion of Travelling Exhibitions: Large exhibition productions throughout the country and at international level.

Foucault’s Pendulum Building

Mechanics, physics, chemistry and geology are the protagonists of the exhibition halls of this building, where it is forbidden “not to touch”.

– The Biosphere Hall: it is the central area of the Foucault’s Pendulum Building and it is structured around the themes of life on our planet and biological diversity.

– The Eureka Hall: Physics is the central theme of this space, where the visitor may play with a gyroscope or experience the force of the air, among other proposals.

– The Hall of Perception: The experiments of this hall allow the visitor to play with light and sound, to see how the brain fools us and to go in a gigantic kaleidoscope.

– Exploration Hall: Experiences, sensations and games to awaken the curiosity of children from 3 to 7 years old, helping them to better understand themselves and the world around them.

– Planetarium: Enjoy an exciting journey through the Universe, with the projection of more than 7.000 stars.

Outside / Butterfly House / Birds of prey in flight

The Science Park opens onto more than 27,000 m2 of green spaces. The Garden of Astronomy, the Dynamic Sculptures, the Zone of Energies, the mechanic and perception modules and other open-air games all comprise the exterior activities.

– Observation Tower: A viewpoint over Granada, where one can experience science and technology.

– Tropical Butterfly House: Observe the butterfly life cycle live. More than 20 different tropical species.

– The Flying Birds of Prey Workshop: Get to know the ecology and biology of the Mediterranean vegetation.

– Botanical Routes: To see the biological diversity of the Mediterranean vegetation.

– Nature Spaces Pavilion: All about the nature spaces of Andalusia.

– Astronomical Observatory: Observe the sky with the Stevenson Professional Telescope.

Travelling exhibitions

More than 5,000 m2 distributed into exhibition halls of different area sizes.

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